X-Ray is VMI

O Estado da Arte em Radiologia Digital.


Mammography equipment with ultra definition of image, safety, productivity, performance and modern design incorporating the latest technological resources of electronics, makes Digimamo one of the most inovative equipment developed in Brazil. For us every detail matters!

Fixed X-Ray

Equipped with a high frequency generator with resonant phase displacement technology, the Apolo line provides high image quality with a very low dose applied to the patient and reduced exposure time. The Apolo line is a reflection of State of Art generation of radiographic images. High performance, reliability and precision makes Apolo one of the most modern equipment in production in the world.

Mobile X-Ray

The mobile X-Ray Aquila are light and easy to move, powered by a simple three-pin socket, with high power and excellent image quality. These features makes Aquila the most modern equipment for performing radiological exams in any hospitalar applications.

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O Arco em C FÊNIX AF, incorpora as últimas tecnologias e reflete o Estado da Arte em Arcos Cirúrgicos. O Arco Cirúrgico Fênix é o primeiro equipamento(...)

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