Mobile X-Ray

The mobile X-Ray Aquila are light and easy to move, powered by a simple three-pin socket, with high power and excellent image quality. These features makes Aquila the most modern equipment for performing radiological exams in any hospitalar applications.

Aquila 320-D Digital

Robustness and productivity. Small, light, easy to handle. High Performance, High Power 320 mA, State-of-the-art Technology. Capacitive discharge technology, wireless technology for image capture and transmission, image storage capacity directly on the detector panel, access to images by smartphone or tablet.

Aquila 320-S Analog

Powerful and Safe. The Aquila 320 S equipment has a high generator power, indispensable for taking images in the all hospital environments. High mobility, low weight and individual brakes makes Aquila S the versatile and easy-to-position equipment for catching images.