Apolo D Digital U-Arm

Economy and High Performance.

Combining the high performance of the generator with the mobility of a U-Arm developed pioonering in Brazil by VMI, for clinics and small rooms. Practical and functional, the Apolo D U-Arm has easy handling and motorized vertical movement facilitating the positioning of the bucky and operating with only one FPD for the routine on table and wall exams.


  • Ideal solution for small sized examination rooms.
  • Cost-effective, with only one detector built into the bucky, table and wall exams can be performed without risk of the detector falling.
  • Table on wheels, high load capacity and mobility, allowing the patient to be transported on the table.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use acquisition software with built-in control panel in the system interface and real-time X-Ray tube heating monitoring system.

Optional Items:

  • Spare table on wheels;
  • Faixa de compressão urológica;
  • Also available in conventional version.

Key Features

Table on wheels for carrying out exams and moving patients, intuitive and easy to use acquisition software with built-in control panel in the system interface. Online monitoring of the caloric heating of the X-ray tube.

Technical information

Download the catalog and know all the technical information of Apolo D U-Arm