Apolo D Digital

High Performance Classical Radiology.

High Power Generators, equipped with resonant technology, capable of emitting X-rays in high performance and in very short intervals, for the most varied combinations of radiographic techniques. Conventional structure with lift table and rotating bucky stand.


  • Floor-to-ceiling frame, two attachment points for greater precision and ease in positioning the ceiling.
  • Lift table for patient transition at zero level, comfort and safety for better patient care.
  • Rotating bucky wall, easy ergonomics for performing oblique exams and positioning patients.
  • Possibility of operation with a wireless detector for agility in positioning.

Optional Items:

  • Ceiling floor
  • Floating table;
  • Fixed bucky stand;
  • Additional wired FPD;
  • Urologic compression belt;
  • Also available in conventional version.

Technical information

Classic radiological system with practicality and stability in positioning the patient to perform radiographic diagnostic exams. High reliability and precision in commands and adjustments. Fixing system of the tube holder on two rails

Technical information

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