Apolo D Setrus Digital

Versatile, efficient and futuristic.

Apolo D Setrus is a unique project developed in Brazil. With high technology, fully digital native, the equipment with telescopic ceiling tube holder allows easy positioning of the patient in the examination room. Its robotic and automated system performs exams in any position in the room. Modern, unique, easy to operate, multifunctional design, which can be operated on radiotransparent stretchers without any limitations.


  • Equipped with controls by digital panel for automatic pairing between the X-Ray emitter and the bucky.
  • Table with pivoting movement, allowing access to the patient from all sides essential to the care of polytrauma patients.
  • 100% digital system integrated to the operation panel natively.
  • Optimized work routine with only one FPD to create images in a bucky stand and bucky table.

Optional Items:

  • Spare table on wheels;
  • Rails for transverse movements;
  • Also available in manual and conventional versions.

Key Features

Modern, unique design, easy to operate, multifunctional and can be operated on radiotransparent stretchers. Robotic positioning system and automated with digital panel commands. Excellent productivity for services with high demand.

Technical information

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