Aquila 320-D Digital

Robustness and productivity.

Small, light, easy to handle. High Performance, High Power 320 mA, State-of-the-art Technology. Capacitive discharge technology, wireless technology for image capture and transmission, image storage capacity directly on the detector panel, access to images by smartphone. Portable set: Wireless detector and portable workstation on tablet or laptop.

Product Details

  • Mobile system with excellent mobility in hospital environments, ICUs, Surgical Units and wards.
  • Wireless, lightweight and robust FPD, easy to operate with fast images acquisition and efficient battery.
  • Mobile workstation coupled to the equipment with interactive interface and simplified handling with a view to use by work teams.
  • Fast workflow for carrying out exams at scale in inpatient environments.

Optional Items:

  • Protective case for the detector panel.
  • Bucky table with fixed top.
  • Bucky Stand.

Key Features

The Aquila 320 D combines high power with a high level of digital images. Wireless High Resolution Flat Panel Detector allows the formation of radiographs in seconds, become easier the operator's experience in get the image few moments after the exam is performed.

Technical information

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