Aquila 320-S Analog

Powerful and Safe.

The Aquila 320 S equipment has a high power generator, essential for taking images in the most diverse hospital environments. High mobility, low weight and individual brakes makes Aquila S the versatile and easy to position equipment for acquiring radiographic images.

Product Details

  • Capacitive Discharge Technology and resonant generator pioneered in Brazil with electric supply by any socket.
  • Articulated arm holder pantographic, light and easy positioning for the execution of bedside images.
  • Intelligent control panel with anatomical programs for an easy workflow and monitoring the temperature of the X-Ray tube in real time.

Optional Items:

  • Bucky table with fixed top.
  • Bucky Stand.

Key Features

Small, light and easy to handle. Equipment with high technology combined with great performance and 320 mA power.

Technical information

Download the catalog and know all the technical information of Aquila 320 S