Digimamo D

Native and integrated digital mammograph with all radiological functions controlled by an operator friendly interface.

Digimamo D was developed to a high technological standard in the formation of the digital image and the robustness of a high performance x-ray generator. Its ultra-definition FPD provides reliability of the image providing accurate reports.


  • The colors and design of Digimamo are pleasing to the woman, increasing the patient's comfort and confidence at the time of the mammography exam.
  • The native digital equipment provides high image quality with very low radiation dose due to the integration between the command software and image acquisition.
  • Able to perform a large volume of exams in a short time, increasing the flow of patients with safety and quality exams.
  • Exams performed 4 times faster with higher quality than conventional methods guarantee a safe investment and accurate diagnoses.

Optional Items:

Workstation for reports;

Able to upgrade for tomosynthesis;

Stereotaxis Digital kit;

Automatic collimation.

Key Features

Performance, High Image Resolution, Security, Interactivity, Productivity, Modern Design and incorporating the latest technological resources of electronics and software, makes DIGIMAMO D one of the most complete and modern mammography equipment in production worldwide.

Technical information

Download the catalog and know all the technical information of Digimamo D