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Sobre a VMI

Our history began with VMI Industry on October 1, 1985, aiming in the short term to supply other manufacturers of parts and pieces of X-ray equipment and in the medium and long term to provide products that use ionizing radiation directly to the final costumer under the VMI brand.

In November 1986, the number of employees grows from 07 to 21 and the project sector employed 5 technicians, demonstrating the vocation of the company that would later change the technological concept of the brazilian industry. The total area of ​​the industrial plant was 1,300 m2.

In April 1987, an important step was taken: VMI Industry launched the Pulsar 400, Pulsar 500 SR and Pendulum equipment during the "Jornada Paulista de Radiologia". The number of employees at this date was 41.

During 1988, in compliance with a short-term growth strategy, it won a large bid in the state of São Paulo for a total of 48 X-ray equipment giving a new boost to production and the number of employees reaches 76.

In 1989, the project area was expanded and through an agreement with INFRAERO the Spectrum 150 was developed for use in airports for baggage inspection. The line of mobile X-rays models Aquilla 120/300/500 and the Pulsar 800 are also launched. The industrial area was expanded by additional 900 m2.

Since 1990, already with its own technology has been defined by launches: RF table, high-resolution three-phase mammograph and radiotherapy simulator, pioneers in the case of devices equipment produced in Brazil.

The next years 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994 was dedicated to consolidating the brand by restructuring the network of representatives sales and in November 1994 the 1st National Conference of Representatives Sales of VMI was held.

In 1995 it was defined by the change in the technological base of the projects and the age of high frequency generators and microprocessed controls began.

The position taken was strategic and showing a view of the future. A worldwide trend was to come involving this technology and safety rules aimed at extremely low dosage levels of radiation, which was being adopted in European countries, the United States, Canada and Japan.

At the same time, we began to take part and influence decisions involving safety standards IEC 601, Health Surveillance Registry, CB26, CB20 and political decisions at ABIMO and Mercosur. And the results are immediate, in 1995 we received an award for quality and technology in Rome. In 1999 the Ecri Magazine (Healthcare Product Comparison System) invites us to participate in the group of leading technology companies to be evaluated by consumers worldwide.

All equipment line was Registered with the Health Surveillance of the Ministry of Health. The factory was certified by IEC 601 standards on January 27, 1999 we received the recommendation for certification of the Quality Management System based on the NBR ISO 9001/94 standard. In parallel, the development of the Plus line, anatomic program technique and automatic exposure control begans.

On July 5, 2002, we inaugurated the new Industrial headquarters in Lagoa Santa. In an area of ​​22,000 m², with 7,000 m² of built area, obeying the most up-to-date construction and environmental conservation techniques, according to ISO 14000 standards. This complex is capable of meeting the needs of equipment design, development and manufacture, in addition to provide a safe environment for the staff, comprising an office, factory, laboratories, training center for 70 people, study hall and leisure area, sports court, orchard and vegetable garden.

This factory unit was designed aiming not only at productivity, but also at quality, comfort and safety and we was sure that each level reached in our journey would rise with the same efficiency that has driven us until then.

On March 3 of 2000 there was the development of a bold project for the production in Brazil of equipment aimed at cardio-vascular diagnosis.
On March 6 of 2001 we launched at the market equipments for simulation in brachytherapy and on March 3 of 2002 radiotherapy simulator.

In 2002, a partnership was formed with a foreign company to create a new industry for the manufacture of volume inspection X-rays (baggage scanner), where we started to operate in the security market.
This group of measures made VMI competitive for the challenges of the 21st century.
On June 1st of 2016 we started working in the diagnostics area through VMI Technologies Ltd.
With our quality policy, our mission, vision and values.


Good Manufacturing Practices

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) cover a set of measures that must be adopted by the medical equipment industries, in order to guarantee the sanitary quality and the conformity of the products with the technical regulations.

ISO 13485

ISO 13485 was written to support medical device manufacturers in the development of quality management systems that establish and maintain the effectiveness of their processes. This guarantees the consistency of design, development, production, installation and delivery of safe medical devices in your proposal.